Jan Willem Noltes: Technologies Offered by Qualcomm, Inc.

Jan Willem Noltes joined Emmani Global Capital in 2008. In 2012, Jan Willem Noltes and his colleagues celebrated a buy signal using the firm’s market algorithm and model. Using the algorithm, Emmani Global’s investment professionals implemented a “risk on” strategy, enabling them to take long positions on industries such as large cap technology, of which Qualcomm, Inc. is a part.

Founded in 1985, Qualcomm evolved from seven individuals working together in a den to a global leader in wireless technology. The company’s innovations in research, wireless functions, and start-up investments make it an attractive investment opportunity in the finance and software development industries.

Qualcomm fought its way to a leadership position in the technology sector by staying ahead of trends and looking for ways to make its products appealing to all types of users. For example, Qualcomm Life, a division of Qualcomm, focuses on implementing wireless technology in medical devices. One success story is the division’s 2net Platform, a cloud-based initiative that transfers and stores medical data according to U.S. and international health care standards.

Taking an interest in voice chat, Qualcomm provides a push-to-talk service over 3G networks. Known as QChat, the service eliminates the need for dialing and dial tones; users simply install the QChat client on the platform of their choice, such as a smartphone, and loop other individuals into an always-on conversation.

A Discussion of the Society of International Business Fellows, by Willem Noltes

For more than 30 years, the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF) has remained committed to forming a stronger network among business leaders from around the world. Although officially founded in 1981, the genesis of the group dates back to the 1970s, when Georgia State University established the Georgia World Congress Institute. This initiative inspired Dr. Jim Crupi to found his own entity that would educate Atlanta-based businesspersons about the nuances of international business. Although only 26 people attended the first SIBF class, more than 400 individuals from four continents belong to the organization today.

Every year, SIBF conducts a number of enlightening programs that offer insight into domestic and international business issues. In 2012, meetings will take place in Cuba, Turkey, England, and Romania, and a 2013 conference is set for Vietnam.

Those interested in becoming part of SIBF can log on to www.sibf.org and learn about obtaining membership.

About the Author:

From Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Willem Noltes manages investment capital as an Owner/Principal in charge of several privately held investment partnerships. Willem Noltes has been a Fellow of International Business Society since 2000.

Deep-Sea Fishing

By Willem Noltes

Willem Noltes is an investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in capital management, real estate transactions, and private equity. Today, he discusses one of his hobbies, deep-sea fishing.

I’m into competition. I love the thrill of the deal, from finding opportunities to securing the capital necessary to close a business venture. The feeling I get on the open sea, tracking, fighting, and hopefully, landing deep-sea fish is very similar. Just like business, preparation and expertise is key.

If you are a first-time deep-sea angler, I highly recommend a guided tour. The local expert knows where to go and what equipment to use to catch the local varieties of big-game fish, anything from a 40-pound salmon to an 800-pound tuna. To make the most of your time, hire a guide. Recently, the use of SONAR scan technology is gaining popularity for acquiring “spots.”

If you’re an experienced deep-sea fisher, or seeking to become one, equipment is paramount. You must know what you are after, as the equipment varies by species. The line, rod, and reel necessary to get an angry tuna or a sailfish near your boat is significantly different from what you’ll require for a medium-sized mackerel or salmon. Tuna can fight for up to four hours. Willem follows catch-and-release guidelines to preserve the species and to hopefully fight another day with the same or different animal.

What is Due Diligence?

By Willem Noltes

Due diligence refers to examining a potential investment before finalizing the agreement, with the goal of confirming the material facts regarding a sale. Properly performed due diligence protects both parties in a transaction from making decisions based on incorrect evidence. As such, most purchase offers usually depend upon due diligence results. Due diligence can encompass a number of different steps, including reviewing the financial records of the seller and the purchasing ability of the buyer and auditing a company’s management, marketing, production, and information systems. To prevent failed mergers and acquisitions, the valuation of a company is often linked to due diligence.

About the Author:

Investor and international financier, Willem Noltes has worked in finance and real estate for more than 20 years. He possesses significant experience in performing due diligence/capital formation/capital markets and presently owns and serves as Managing Partner of several investment companies and single purpose entities.

An Overview of Atlanta Community Ministries

By Willem Noltes

A faith-based, non-profit organization, Atlanta Community Ministries (ACM) has served the citizens of Atlanta since 1996 by inspiring members to get “out of their seats and into the streets”. Participants in ACM’s projects have assisted tens of thousands of people throughout Georgia by mentoring, tutoring, leading workshops, and volunteering their time in numerous other ways.

One of ACM’s most important missions involves assisting others in establishing their own ministries. These affiliate groups mentor at-risk teens, provide spiritual guidance to young women, and encourage others to engage in service activities that better the community. Representatives from ACM coach individuals about developing their own philanthropic groups by sharing knowledge about the importance of a comprehensive and clear plan, ways to obtain volunteers, and how to set up programs.

To organize its resources and increase its community reach, ACM holds partnership agreements with five local churches, and ACM’s volunteers attend many more. As the word of God holds a place of particular importance with this organization, it also conducts spiritual leadership training and Way of Life seminars among its many events.

Financial executive Willem Noltes has spent more than two decades in the financial industry. Currently the Owner and Managing Partner of Investment Realty Holdings, LLC, Willem Noltes participates in Atlanta Community Ministries.