An Overview of Atlanta Community Ministries

By Willem Noltes

A faith-based, non-profit organization, Atlanta Community Ministries (ACM) has served the citizens of Atlanta since 1996 by inspiring members to get “out of their seats and into the streets”. Participants in ACM’s projects have assisted tens of thousands of people throughout Georgia by mentoring, tutoring, leading workshops, and volunteering their time in numerous other ways.

One of ACM’s most important missions involves assisting others in establishing their own ministries. These affiliate groups mentor at-risk teens, provide spiritual guidance to young women, and encourage others to engage in service activities that better the community. Representatives from ACM coach individuals about developing their own philanthropic groups by sharing knowledge about the importance of a comprehensive and clear plan, ways to obtain volunteers, and how to set up programs.

To organize its resources and increase its community reach, ACM holds partnership agreements with five local churches, and ACM’s volunteers attend many more. As the word of God holds a place of particular importance with this organization, it also conducts spiritual leadership training and Way of Life seminars among its many events.

Financial executive Willem Noltes has spent more than two decades in the financial industry. Currently the Owner and Managing Partner of Investment Realty Holdings, LLC, Willem Noltes participates in Atlanta Community Ministries.


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