Deep-Sea Fishing

By Willem Noltes

Willem Noltes is an investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in capital management, real estate transactions, and private equity. Today, he discusses one of his hobbies, deep-sea fishing.

I’m into competition. I love the thrill of the deal, from finding opportunities to securing the capital necessary to close a business venture. The feeling I get on the open sea, tracking, fighting, and hopefully, landing deep-sea fish is very similar. Just like business, preparation and expertise is key.

If you are a first-time deep-sea angler, I highly recommend a guided tour. The local expert knows where to go and what equipment to use to catch the local varieties of big-game fish, anything from a 40-pound salmon to an 800-pound tuna. To make the most of your time, hire a guide. Recently, the use of SONAR scan technology is gaining popularity for acquiring “spots.”

If you’re an experienced deep-sea fisher, or seeking to become one, equipment is paramount. You must know what you are after, as the equipment varies by species. The line, rod, and reel necessary to get an angry tuna or a sailfish near your boat is significantly different from what you’ll require for a medium-sized mackerel or salmon. Tuna can fight for up to four hours. Willem follows catch-and-release guidelines to preserve the species and to hopefully fight another day with the same or different animal.


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