Jan Willem Noltes: Technologies Offered by Qualcomm, Inc.

Jan Willem Noltes joined Emmani Global Capital in 2008. In 2012, Jan Willem Noltes and his colleagues celebrated a buy signal using the firm’s market algorithm and model. Using the algorithm, Emmani Global’s investment professionals implemented a “risk on” strategy, enabling them to take long positions on industries such as large cap technology, of which Qualcomm, Inc. is a part.

Founded in 1985, Qualcomm evolved from seven individuals working together in a den to a global leader in wireless technology. The company’s innovations in research, wireless functions, and start-up investments make it an attractive investment opportunity in the finance and software development industries.

Qualcomm fought its way to a leadership position in the technology sector by staying ahead of trends and looking for ways to make its products appealing to all types of users. For example, Qualcomm Life, a division of Qualcomm, focuses on implementing wireless technology in medical devices. One success story is the division’s 2net Platform, a cloud-based initiative that transfers and stores medical data according to U.S. and international health care standards.

Taking an interest in voice chat, Qualcomm provides a push-to-talk service over 3G networks. Known as QChat, the service eliminates the need for dialing and dial tones; users simply install the QChat client on the platform of their choice, such as a smartphone, and loop other individuals into an always-on conversation.


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