About Willem Noltes

As a capital investment specialist, Willem Noltes has been a successful entrepreneur since 1995 and has built his formal career as a global finance executive trained in London, England, with Lehman Brothers International. Willem Noltes attended Utrecht University and Leiden University, both in the Netherlands, before beginning his professional career with Rabobank Nederland, C.V., in London. He soon took a position as an Associate with Lehman Brothers International and advanced to Vice President for the company’s London branch.

Upon leaving Lehman Brothers, Willem Noltes relocated to the United States to begin his entrepreneurial career with the founding of Wilken Capital Corporation – Alternative Investment Strategies in Atlanta, Georgia. Operating as its Managing Director, Noltes operated Wilken Capital until 2005, at which time he became the owner and Managing Partner with Investment Realty Holdings, LLC, where he remains today. Based in Atlanta, Investment Realty Holdings, LLC, possesses a geographically diversified portfolio of Class A+ multi-family assets, including 1600 units in the Sun Belt region of the United States (from Houston, Texas, to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina).

During his time with Investment Realty Holdings, LLC, Willem Noltes pursued a number of other executive management roles in privately funded ventures, including acting as the General Partner of several real estate limited partnerships. He has also provided his knowledge and management expertise as the Chief Investment Officer for several privately held investment entities investing in liquid securities and real estate projects for the past three years.